Saturday Night Smoker w/ White Center P.A.L. Boxing

This weekend Jet City Boxing fought at the amateur boxing show hosted by White Center PAL at Cascade Middle School in Burien, Wa. We drank some Happenstance Coffee before weigh-ins. The show was great, as always, and we came away 1-1 for the night. Champ champ Liz Tuani came to support the crew; she leaves this week for a boxing/fighting tour of the South with the Women of Combat.

Capcom Pro Tour

This Saturday the Capcom Pro Tour has a stop in San Jose, California. NorCal Regionals 2019 is the host for this Street Fighter V ranking event. Happenstance Coffee is there with our resident esports, fighting game player Chano the Mutant. Last season, Happenstance Coffee and Chano the Mutant competed on the pro circuit and we’re looking forward to another fun year!

Some pictures from the Capcom Cup 2018.

Golden Gloves Regionals in Las Vegas

Busy sporting weekend. One of Happenstance Coffee’s sponsored athletes was in Las Vegas, Nevada for the regional Golden Gloves tournament. She was part of the team from Washington state, fights out of Seattle, and will advance to the Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Happenstance Coffee will make sure to get her there!