2 Pounds of EVO

Team Happenstance is in action this weekend. Four players are heading to EVO 2019 in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Casino for the biggest and greatest fighting games tournament in the history of mankind, if not the universe. We have three entered for Tekken and one playing Street Fighter V.


Also this weekend, Andres is fighting at Fight Night 4 presented by 2 Pound Sports in Clackamas, Oregon.

@duck_jitsu flies east for the summer. Safe and happy travels to him. Check out his most recent highlight video.

Pro Boxer Jobert Alvarez also has a new video, be sure to check it out.

Chicken fried steak

Last week was the Junior Olympic district tournament. We had two champions who advance to the regional tournament in Portland this week.

Coach Dondon’s boxer in the Philippines is in the Ultimate Boxing Series to be shown on ESPN 5 in the Philippines.

Duckjitsu is somewhere. And is also getting ready for the Combat Jujitsu World Tournament in Long Beach, California.

Professional boxer Jobert Alvarez moves up in the WBC world rankings.

I was searching for chicken fried steak and found it. And then I ate it.