Weekends updatr

Some things going on. Jet City Boxing advances 2 fighters to the Junior Olympics Boxing Nationals in Madison, WI. Happenstance coffee is doing a coffee fundraiser for the trip.

Duckjitsu made it to the semi-finals last Sunday at the Combat Jujitsu worlds in California.

Chano20xx was at combobreaker in Chicago presented by Samsung. Street Fighter V, Tekken, Mortal Kombat.

Nick Mills fights this Saturday in Tacoma at Battle at the Boat at the Emerald Queen Casino.

Chicken fried steak

Last week was the Junior Olympic district tournament. We had two champions who advance to the regional tournament in Portland this week.

Coach Dondon’s boxer in the Philippines is in the Ultimate Boxing Series to be shown on ESPN 5 in the Philippines.

Duckjitsu is somewhere. And is also getting ready for the Combat Jujitsu World Tournament in Long Beach, California.

Professional boxer Jobert Alvarez moves up in the WBC world rankings.

I was searching for chicken fried steak and found it. And then I ate it.